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Thank you for considering a visit by the author and the book characters! We would be more than happy to visit your organization. Please view the below guidelines we prefer for various organizations and then scroll down to schedule your visit using our online scheduling program.

Additional Information

Schools/Large Organizations: We offer a PPT presentation to large groups should you have a big screen with PPT capability or a read-along in each classroom. Once the presentation is completed, we walk the book characters through the designated classrooms where the kids can remain seated at their desks and pet the dogs as they pass by. We complete the visit with a group class photo with the book characters for each class. Upon completion of the visits, the author will go to a designated office to sign all of the books. We require book pre-purchases (minimum of 20) and are to be purchased on before the event. This allows the parents/students to select either hardcover or paperback. Each student who purchases a book will place a sticky note inside on the first page (so the note does not fall off the book) with their name and teachers name so the author can personalize the book autograph and return the book to the classroom teacher. We also ask for two staff members who love dogs to handle two of the book characters throughout the entire visit (perhaps a reward for two hard working or recognized staff members). We also recommend designating a space for those individuals who might have allergies from dogs or who might not care for dogs. 

Birthday Parties/Pet Stores: We request a minimum of 10 pre-purchased books from Amazon prior to the event. The author will conduct a read-along should the customer desire or just do a fun visit with the book characters. Sophie can also entertain with her trick routine followed by group photos with the dog characters. Each purchaser will have time to visit with the author while he personalizes each book. For in-home events, we ask that any other pets are placed in a separate room out of sight during the entire event.

Therapy Dogs: Please note that all three dogs are registered therapy dogs with Invisible Paw Prints, Inc. 

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